What is the value of a free practice?

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What is the value of a free practice?

I wanted to offer my Basic Daily Practice free into the world as I really believe it can make a difference. It is simple and accessible. Human health is complex and the Basic Daily Practice covers many of them, and enables starting the journey towards health.

I wanted to offer it for free, on the thinking that this basic information should be free. The other side of this, though, is that if something is free it is seldom valued, with a corresponding level of commitment. The aim of my own practice is to head towards getting stronger, fitter, more flexible, more resilient and inherently happier, healthier, more content, less stressed, (and hopefully) wiser and more fulfilled, a push to learn, to grow, to get better, to improve myself and the world around me. Threaded through this are the three threads of personal responsibility, common sense and kindness. All of this is ‘anti-fragile’, and is the foundation of AntiFragility Yoga.

I fully realise too that going to the gym once does not mean ‘fit for life’. It requires sustained commitment to an aspiration. Anything less, and you are unlikely to stick with it. I am after long-term wellness, and I’m happy to commit to that on my journey through life.

All of this is what my own practice is woven from, it is what I do, it is how I live – as best I can.

The Basic Daily Practice stands at the start of this journey. I have decided to start charging for the practice to reflect an element of commitment towards engaging with it. It is available at a modest one-off price of £20.