Krishnamacharya said, “The age and the constitution of the students, their vocation, capability and the path to which they feel drawn all dictate the shape of a yoga practice.”

A general drop-in class is aimed at a general balanced class. Looking at strengthening, toning, increasing flexibility. Looking at a balanced progress. Some classes follow predefined patterns, others might emphasise a different movement or posture each session. You can go to classes like this for years and progress well. You (hopefully) will gain all the benefits of a well rounded practice and be healthier, happier and stronger for it.

Yet it remains a general practice, applicable to a collective group of people. There is scope for meeting specific needs within that, and individual adjustments. But the teacher has to be aware of all of the group. Fundamentally, usually it is a general group practice.

One-to-one allows specific attention to a specific person – with attention to the age and the constitution of that person, their vocation, capability and the path to which they feel drawn. It allows a program to be developed to suit you as an individual.

Reasons for One-to-one

Some reasons for going down the road of one-to-one include if you:

  • are new to yoga and would like to have extra guidance in the fundamentals of the practice
  • feel you are not good enough to join a class – have a few one-to-one sessions to gain confidence
  • want to get beyond particular blockages or fears
  • want  to deepen your practice, or explore specific areas of interest or material not generally covered in classes, like the cleansing practices, pranayama, philosophy, more challenging postures
  • want to deepen your understanding of your own body type and physiological structure; and importantly, what it can and cannot do. We are not carbon-copies of each other, and there is anatomical variation between us within the bounds of ‘normal’. Some movements may simply not be possible for you. That is good  to know, while you watch your neighbour who might be able to do it easily
  • have any injuries or health conditions
  • want to gain a better knowledge of the standard of your practise
  • want to avoid or stop practising your mistakes
  • can’t make normal class times or normal classes, for whatever reason
  • want to take you practice to another level

What to expect from one-to-one classes

Sessions are generally in my home studio. Or, if it works better for you, I can come to you.

We start with a case history and an initial chat to discuss your situation and your needs. Then, if I do not know you already, we run through a  simple posture session to  establish where you are now. This provides the ground work for building a plan tailored specifically for you.

Ideally, for the greatest benefit, there will be an element of home practice. One session a week is good, but practising every day will make a significant difference. Again ideally, you then report back on the effects of this practice and that feeds back into the overall plan. In this way the plan is flexible and can adapt to best enhance your development at a pace that is right for you.

The overall aim of this is to really progress in your practice in an atmosphere of ease, lightness and fun. If we can both laugh and grow – is that not a fine thing?

You can choose between a basic session (one hour) or a full session (one and a half hours). Generally these take place once a week, and are booked in six week blocks. But this is not fixed and can be tailored to suit the individual need.

In situations where people have similar requirements (and everyone agrees), full sessions can be shared by up to four people.


(please contact me)

Sessions need to be booked in advance and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

One-to-one yoga vouchers make an excellent birthday or Christmas present, or just as a special gift.