On contemplating practice again after the summer break

By 26th August 2021No Comments

For me, the summer break is now done, and it is back to work, back to practice. I did a little during the time off, but not much. For me it is interesting to feel the effects of a diminished practice. Movement starts to close in on you. There is a sense of clag, of sluggishness, of general ‘uugh’. First day back at real practice, a simple Salute based sequence, “Oooo … deary me.” Really easy to give up, and say,

“This is too much like hard work…”

But I did a reasonable work instead, with kettlebell. Next day, I could really feel it. Another decent practice and the following day I felt it even more so – but in a good way. The feel of work having been done. The feel of body fabric stirring and some degree of robustness happening. A sense of well-ness of body fabric. I’m reminded again of why I keep going with practice. The consequences of doing a practice, and the consequence of doing nothing. After a wee break you catch a glimpse of both, more than a glimpse actually – you can feel it. For the millionth time, I ask myself,

“How do people survive with no practice? What must it be like in a body that has not moved properly for twenty years?” Many years ago now, I made the decision to take steps to avoid going there.

So, after a wee break I’m reminded of why I committed to a life of practice. Not so much as an avoidance of negative consequences. But rather an embracing of right action. That principle in the Sanskrit based philosophies that we have spoken about before, Dharma – doing something because it is the right thing to do. Get that right and the consequences following those actions are sound, uplifting, positive, strengthening… All of this is ‘antifragile’, and where AntiFragility Yoga goes. It is good to be reminded of why we practice, and to recommit to those principles.

If you want to get into some practice, a good place to start is with my favourite – the Five Tibetans…