The following class handouts are available online. I will be continually adding to this list over the coming months.

Any practices listed here, please approach keeping in mind all of the safty issues mentioned on this site, and discussed in class. If you have any concerns please discuss with your doctor before embarking on any exercise you may find here.

There are also class and workshop fliers here for additional information

Additionally there are essays included for information. This is all likely to remain a work-in-progress for the rest of my days.

Downloads Notes and Comments
Registration Form Class / One-to-One registration form.
Salute to the Sun An excellent simple daily practice that you can work with at home
Salute to the Sun – Extended version An extended version that you can work with at home
Five Tibetans (PDF)
Video clip
This is an excellent series of simple exercises that you can work with at home. Here there is a PDF handout that you can print off to work from, and a YouTube clip explaining them. I really recommend trying to fit this sequence into your schedule. We are aiming at being able to do 21 of each of them.
Buddhist Zazen Meditation This is a description of a meditation practice from the Buddhist tradition. It shares many threads with the pranayama and meditation practices of yoga. Whatever its origins, I think it is an excellent practice. It is really simple, but deeply, deeply profound.


Articles Notes and Comments
What is Yoga? – A Deeper Look An article on what yoga is, and what it isn’t – from various perspectives. The older I get, the more complex this question gets.
Introduction to the Upanishads Introduction to the Upanishads, one of the classic yoga texts