Core Practice

This is my core practice. I want to share it here in order to:

a) organise and clarify my own thinking

b) plan and clarify my practice to meet my own goals

c) and maybe what I am doing might be useful input into someone else’s life journey, especially having passed my 60 year marker.

Weekly / Daily Schedule
This is my daily schedule of practice. Weekdays – this is what I do (or aim to), weekends – I do the best that I can. If you are in a monastery or ashram-type scenario, the daily schedule would be very different. But I am living in the world, living with Trish in the community.

MondaymeditationCore building practice
– with kettlebell [watch video]
– without kettlebell [watch video]
TuesdaymeditationBrocades with kettlebell and core pranayama
WednesdaymeditationCore building practice with kettlebell
ThursdaymeditationBrocades with kettlebell and core pranayama
Fridaymeditation21 x Five Tibetans and core pranayama
This is my schedule. Do I beat myself up if I don’t stick to it? No – but it is what I aim at.

Core Practice Training Course / Practice With Me

There are several ways to learn this, or practice this:

There is a Beginner Basic Daily Practice Course where you can start, available for free. Or, if you want to engage with a fuller practice, look at the Core Practice Training Course.