Core Practice – 30 Day Challenge

Welcome. Sign-up for the Bronze Membership and take the 30 Day Challenge!

How does it work?

Sign-up for the Bronze Membership – and you will automatically be enrolled in the 30 Day Challenge. You will receive an e-mail containing your log-in details for the Core Practice Bronze Membership. In that e-mail will be a link that will take you into Messenger chat sequence. This will lead you through the Challenge process. You can see what the Five Tibetans are, and what the Five Tibetan Count is

Every day during the 30-Day Challenge you will receive an e-mail containing practice encouragement and links to all of the practice options. A significant component in this is to develop a practice or habit, rather than just passively follow. Or you can run that Messenger sequence directly yourself. During the process, we track what your Five Tibetan Count is and what your Wellness Factor is (all explained in the chat sequence)

What you get for your Bronze Membership

Online videos and instructions to explain and practise along with:
• The Core Building Practice (with and without kettlebell) including beginner versions.
• The Five Tibetans
• Kettlebell
• Basic Practice Pranayama
• Basic Practice Meditation
All fully broken down and accessible with explainer videos and guides.

A full AntiFragile practice weekly (1 hr) based on the Core Building Practice, available to download / stream. Also beginner relevant options

You work in your own time, at your own rate. You decide your own progress and practice – what counts, what rates, what holds, how many repetitions….

Private FB Group for general support and discussion

Monthly blog / newsletter e-mailed or downloadable for inspiration, encouragement, information, deepening the practice.

Bronze Price: £20 first month, thereafter £20 p/m subscription.
Cancel / change at any time

Remember what we are doing here. We are looking to make a deliberate decision to do something that will lead us toward antifragilty – that getting stronger, fitter, more flexible, more resilient and inherently happier, healthier, more content, less stressed, (and hopefully) wiser and more fulfilled, a push to learn, to grow, to get better, to improve yourself and the world around you. Remember also, health is a consequence of right action. It is not a product you can purchase, or pluck from a tree. So too, happiness. Happiness is a consequence rather than a product.

This isn’t about ‘doing a yoga class to make you feel nice’. It is about freeing you from restrictions of availability, time, place and pace of existing classes – and develop your own practice, relevant to you. You are investing in your own life experience. It enables you to take charge of your own well-being.