Basic Daily Practice

This Basic Daily Practice offers a place to start to make a difference. Take control of your own well-being, take control of your own life.

It is simple, accessible, effective – you don’t need to go anywhere, or get anything, no special clothes or equipment. Just yourself, and a little space and a little time – maybe a touch of curiosity, maybe a wish for empowerment.

What you get:

  1. Online access to the Basic Daily Practice membership of the Core Practice online training
  2. Downloadable practice summary / handout notes
  3. A simple, accessible exercise sequence (the Five Tibetans) to start to make a change in the body fabric
  4. A simple meditation / affirmation practice (Bodhicitta) to start to build compassion and kindness. This will change your perspective of the world
  5. A basic breathing or pranayama practice to start to control your breathing, to learn to breathe well
  6. A basic meditation practice (Ishana Meditation) to start to get control of your thinking

Engaging with this as a regular practice will make a difference to your experience of living.

Do it for a day – feel good.
Do it for a week – feel the difference.
Do it for a month – change your life.