Basic Daily Practice – Sign Up (Free)

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Watch the Practice Summary.
  2. Watch the Practice Explainer. It explains the whole practice, what is involved, how it works.
  3. Watch the Five Tibetans Explainer. It explains and describes the Five Tibetans, step-by-step.
  4. Watch the Five Tibetans Practice video. It is a sequence that you can practice with, do the Five Tibetans with.
  5. Watch the Daily Practice video. It describes a sample daily practice.
  6. Download the Daily Basic Practice handout. Read it, have it accessible.

Try it, learn it, make it your own. Practice it, grow, progress. Commit to it – feel the difference.

If you choose to engage with this, please contact me, let me know how you do, let me know the difference it makes.
This is intended as a place to start. Start where you are and progress from there. When the time is right, learn more, go further, go deeper.
If you want to learn more, or go deeper, contact me.