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Welcome to AntiFragility Yoga

Antifragility Yoga is a common-sense approach to getting stronger, fitter, more flexible, more resilient and inherently happier, healthier, more content, less stressed, (and hopefully) wiser and more fulfilled, a push to learn, to grow, to get better, to improve yourself and the world around you.

Try to build a regular practice. Real progress happens with a practice of steady, calm, stable, regular steps – pretty much the same way a tree grows.

What I do - take a look

Announcement: Nose-to-nose classes and workshop remain on indefinite hold.

A free Basic Daily Practice is available on-line. My online Core Practice Training Course is also available.

I am excited to announce my 30-Day Challenge – this includes membership into the Bronze membership of the Core Practice. There are 30-Days of encouragement and support leading you through developing your own practice, and making it yours. You can see for yourself how much you are progressing. See below.

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14th September 2021 in General

Yoga – what is the right motive?

I’ve mentioned this before, in other places and contexts. But I want to talk about it again - I think it is significant and worth…
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2nd September 2021 in General

What is the value of a free practice?

What is the value of a free practice? I wanted to offer my Basic Daily Practice free into the world as I really believe it…
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26th August 2021 in General

On contemplating practice again after the summer break

For me, the summer break is now done, and it is back to work, back to practice. I did a little during the time off,…
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I love going to Dale's yoga classes. I started as a total beginner and in a few short weeks I could recognise a real strengthening and improvement in my ability. Great relaxed atmosphere. I'd highly recommend.

JHStudent - General Class

I really recommend these classes. Dale and his wife Trish create such a kind and inclusive atmosphere, there is no pressure to compete or to push yourself into things you're not comfortable with, and they are very attentive to how you're doing - very different to other yoga classes I've been to. I always leave feeling more positive and relaxed, and also a lot stronger and healthier!

BBStudent - General Class

I recently completed the beginners course. I wasn't sure about the concept of anti-fragility beforehand; I didn't see myself as old or fragile! But I am sold now, and have continued the principles. It's about strengthening the mind as well as the the body, and investing in your future as well as improving your present. I already don't know how I survived without it! So much depends on the teacher/instructor I suspect, and all I can say is that Dale (and Trish) resonated with me having had a negative first experience with Yoga many years ago.Thank you!

PWStudent - Beginners Course