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“The dynamic flows of Ashtanga, the precision of Iyengar, the freedom and ease of Scaravelli”

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Announcement: Please note, I am back from my sabbatical. Classes and workshop have not yet resumed, but I am working on some new material.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a set of tools useful for human development. A set of tools from which you can select the most appropriate for your age, constitution, vocation, capability and the path to which you feel drawn; the steady and appropriate application of which leads to becoming a better human being in every respect.
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What is Antifragility Yoga?

Antifragility Yoga is all about strengthening up, improving flexibility and robustness and being able to handle what life throws at you.
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What kind of yoga is best for me?

Find out everything you need to know about what will be best suited to you.
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Our Blog

23rd September 2020 in General

The story of the master carpenter

Once there was a group of people who only know about and had hammers. They had invested their careers in hammers. A committee of them,…
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1st September 2020 in General

Back from sabbatical

I have been ‘on sabbatical’ from yoga for a while, from teaching and, to an extent from practicing. My practice hasn’t stopped completely. I’m not…
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21st February 2019 in General

Explainer Video

It has been a long time in the planning, but I have finally produced myself an explainer video. I learned a lot by doing it,…
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I love going to Dale's yoga classes. I started as a total beginner and in a few short weeks I could recognise a real strengthening and improvement in my ability. Great relaxed atmosphere. I'd highly recommend.

JHStudent - General Class

I really recommend these classes. Dale and his wife Trish create such a kind and inclusive atmosphere, there is no pressure to compete or to push yourself into things you're not comfortable with, and they are very attentive to how you're doing - very different to other yoga classes I've been to. I always leave feeling more positive and relaxed, and also a lot stronger and healthier!

BBStudent - General Class

I recently completed the beginners course. I wasn't sure about the concept of anti-fragility beforehand; I didn't see myself as old or fragile! But I am sold now, and have continued the principles. It's about strengthening the mind as well as the the body, and investing in your future as well as improving your present. I already don't know how I survived without it! So much depends on the teacher/instructor I suspect, and all I can say is that Dale (and Trish) resonated with me having had a negative first experience with Yoga many years ago.Thank you!

PWStudent - Beginners Course